I was born in the foothills of the Andes, in Argentina. I have had opportunities to travel extensively, particularly fascinated by India, Nepal, Thailand and Cambodia, and their differing Eastern philosophies. I have eclectic interests, with a flexible approach to my work that involves printmaking, drawing, painting and other mixed media responses.

Through my journeying, I am inspired by nature and diverse artists including Hundertwasser, Xul Solar, Gormley, Italo Calvino and Svankmajer. These inspirations inform my work which hope to capture a sense of interconnectedness, community and spirituality. Now living and working in Cambridge, U.K.

I hope you enjoy looking over my artistic outcomes.

Gracias por tu interes!


1997 Bachelor Degree in Graphic Arts, Universidad de Buenos Aires


2020 Affordable Art Fair (Battersea)

Urban Art – Brixton Street Fair

2019 Affordable Art Fair (Battersea and Hampstead)

Cambridge Open Studios

Brixton Street Fair

2018 Affordable Art Fair (Battersea and Hampstead)

Suffolk Open Studios (June)

Cambridge Open Studios

2017 The Highgate Gallery: Prints

Artist in Focus: Southbank Printmakers

Solo Exhibition: Suffolk Open Studios

Oxo Tower Exhibition: Southbank Printmakers Limited Editions

Solo Exhibition: Jujuy Artistas (Argentina)

2016 Artist in Focus: Southbank Printmakers

Collaborative Exhibition: Suffolk Open Studios

Commissioned Mural for LivingSong

2010-2015 Commissioned illustrations for Fairytale Furniture (V&A Museum, London)

Commissioned illustrations for Amharic Children’s Books, Hahu Books

Ongoing exhibiting also at Hundred Years Gallery, Shoreditch

Creative design work with Partridge Design & Plum Art

Inspirations from 2015 onwards

I started to work with mixed media, combining ink with more traditional printmaking and drawing methods, as my medium. I largely make mono-prints, using the above methods, so that whilst each is a print, they each have a unique quality because of the hand-finished water based inks and finishes.

I continue to explore the nature of humanity; creating landscapes that show the vastness of nature in juxtaposition with the smallness of individuality; I hope that through the doorways, there are new journeys to show that we are essentially interconnected.