I was born in the foothills of the Andes, in Argentina. I have had opportunities to travel extensively, particularly fascinated by India, Nepal, Thailand and Cambodia, and their differing Eastern philosophies. I have eclectic interests, with a flexible approach to my work that involves printmaking, drawing, painting and other mixed media responses.

Through my journeying, I am inspired by nature and diverse artists including Hundertwasser, Xul Solar, Gormley, Italo Calvino and Svankmajer. These inspirations inform my work which hope to capture a sense of interconnectedness, community and spirituality. Now living and working in Cambridge, U.K.

I hope you enjoy looking over my artistic outcomes.

Gracias por tu interes!

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Federico Baca CV 2022

I started to work with mixed media, combining ink with more traditional printmaking and drawing methods, as my medium. I largely make mono-prints, using the above methods, so that whilst each is a print, they each have a unique quality because of the hand-finished water based inks and finishes.

I continue to explore the nature of humanity; creating landscapes that show the vastness of nature in juxtaposition with the smallness of individuality; I hope that through the doorways, there are new journeys to show that we are essentially interconnected.